Cherry Red Fortissimo Complete Drum Kit

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The Cherry Red Fortissimo Complete Drum Kit has everything you need to become the next Keith Moon. Comes complete with five drums, three cymbals, stands, throne and sticks and heavy duty chrome plated hardware. The robust construction of this kit will withstand even the most enthusiastic drumming.

The Cherry Red Fortissimo Complete Drum Kit is a great starter drum kit, and lets you create some incredible rhythms. Everything you need to get started is included in the box, from drums to stands to pedals, even a stool and drumsticks!

So if you've been looking for the ultimate beginners' drumkit which combines unbeatable playability with stylish looks and a fantastic price, the Fortissimo Drum Kit (Red) is perfect for you.

Cherry Red Fortissimo Complete Drum Kit Features:

  • Bass drum and pedal
  • snare drum and stand
  • 2 x tom tom drums
  • floor tom drum
  • hi-hat cymbals and stand
  • crash cymbal and stand
  • drummer’s throne and drum sticks.

Product details:

  • Drum shells: The six-ply wooden drum shells are superb quality for a great sound. Can be set up for playing rock, jazz or blues style.
  • Cymbals and stands: The kit comes with chrome plated cymbal and hi-hat stands. The hi-hat stand has a heavy duty, chain operated link for long life. The cymbals are brass finish for a bright, clear tone, ideal for rock, jazz or blues.
  • Hardware: All of the brackets and stands are made of heavy duty chrome plated steel. Hi-hat and bass pedals are chain driven for accurate, responsive drumming. All stands and brackets are fully adjustable to customise your kit.
  • Drummers throne: The heavy duty drummers throne is fully adjustable to suit from around age 8 to adult.

  • Full size drum kit
  • Shell material 6 ply wood
  • Bracket material: Chrome plated steel
  • Drum sticks: 5B maple
  • Bass Drum: 22”
  • Tom Tom: 12”
  • Tom Tom: 14”
  • Floor Tom: 16”
  • Snare Drum and stand: 14”
  • Crash: 14”