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Cherry Red Fortissimo Complete Drum Kit
£239.99  £199.99
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Metallic Silver Fortissimo Complete Drum Kit
£239.99  £199.99
Save: 17% off
4/4 Size Sonore Fortissimo Cello
£249.99  £199.95
Save: 20% off
3/4 Sonore Premium Wooden Cello & Carry Bag
£249.95  £189.95
Save: 24% off
Quality Violin Strings
£14.99  £9.99
Save: 33% off

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Percussion is the backbone of music, and if your little rock star wants to develop their timing and skills and become the next Keith Moon, these kids' drum kits are the perfect place to start. Ideal as birthday gifts or christmas gifts, these high-quality mini drum kits make a fantastic way to encourage your kids' musical talent.

Musical percussion instruments come in all shapes and sizes, from full drum kits to marching snare drums, tambourines and woodblocks. Percussion is the easiest aspect of music to pick up, though it can take years to master. This makes percussion instruments a great starting point for younger kids, as they can soon be keeping the beat along to their favourite songs.

Each of our half size drum kits is handmade to ensure a great-sounding, long-lasting rock'n'roll experience. Whether your budding rock star wants to join a band, play in the school orchestra, or just practice playing along to their favourite records, these drum kits are just the thing.

As well as drum kits and musical percussion instruments, we also have plenty of handy percussion accessories, which make ideal small gifts or stocking fillers, including drumsticks, music stands and much more. So if you're looking for a great way to encourage your little rock stars, you've come to the right place.