Quality Trombone Mouthpiece

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The trombone is a truly versatile instrument, and can be heard prominently in jazz, marching bands, calypso and more. But a trombone is only as good as its mouthpiece, which is why we're offering you this incredible value silver-plated Quality Trombone Mouthpiece, expertly made to help give your instrument the clearest voice possible.

A spare mouthpiece can be a real lifesaver, especially if you've got an important performance or graded exam coming up, so make sure you've got a backup, just in case your main mouthpiece goes wrong at the last second.

So if you or your children are learning the trombone, this great value silver plated trombone mouthpiece can't be missed. Why not stock up on a few spares, and make sure the music never stops.

Quality Trombone Mouthpiece Features:

  • Silver-plated mouthpiece
  • standard fitting for all Fortissimo trombones